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How does the rental process work?

This one's important so we have a whole page dedicated to "How it works" check it out for the full run down.

How do I check if an item is available on a specific date?

Find the outfit you want to book, click through to the product page and find your preferred date in the calendar. If it is available you will be able to click and select the date you want, any 'Unavailable' dates will be grey and un able to click.

What is the cut off day to book a weekend rental?

If you wish to wear the outfit on a Friday you should make the booking no later than Wednesday to allow for postage. If you wish to wear the outfit on a Saturday you should book this no later than Thursday to avoid disappointment of a late arrival.

How does the 'Postal Try On' work?

Postal try ons are available for any items that have not already been booked out for the current weekend. Please select either the Thursday or the Friday of the current week only (any try on bookings made beyond the current week will be cancelled. We can pencil this in but cannot guarantee it will be available. If no one books a rental for that date then we can send it to you to try on.) You will get one day only to try it out and this must be sent back the very next working day. The garment will arrive with a large tag attached to the front, if this has been removed or the garment is at all dirty or smells of perfume you will be charged the full rental price. If you want to hold onto the garment for that weekend let us know asap and we will charge you the full rental price minus the $30 try on fee. If you wish to send it back and rent it another time you will be required to pay the full rental price.

Do you have a physical location I can visit and try something on?

We have a show room in Ponsonby, Auckland. Try ons are available between the times... by appointment only! Give us a call or email to book in.

Do the prices include shipping and dry cleaning?

The price includes all laundering, however shipping is added at the check out or you can come and pick up from our Ponsonby location for free.

What are your shipping options?

Pick up from Ponsonby - give us a call or flick us an email and organise a time to pop in. We will give you a prepaid return bag so all you need to do is drop it off at any NZ post office the following working day after the rental date.

Standard Overnight Courier - we ship overnight courier to you, and there is also a prepaid overnight courier bag inside.

Rural Courier - this option is for people living rurally so if you live in a rural area please select this option at checkout. Without the extra tag it will take longer and you will risk missing your booked rental date.

Saturday Delivery - this option is there for people who order Thursday night/Friday morning for the current Saturday. This tag is essential for Saturday deliveries, without it you will miss your booked rental date and you will not be refunded. Please select this option if you are getting a last minute rental.

Please select your shipping option carefully as refunds will not be offered if you have made the wrong selection. Please refer to our 'Terms of Service' for more details.

What is the shipping method used?

We always use Nz Post's overnight courier service with signature delivery. This means someone will have to be there to sign for it. Please consider this when choosing your shipping address.

What happens if I forget to send it on the next working day?

All garments need to be sent on the very next working day after your booked rental date. A late fee of $30 will be charged everyday it is late. Make sure to hold onto your tracking receipt from the post office incase of any issues.

What if I damage or lose an item?

For a small fee you can add damage insurance, this will cover you for removable stains and minor damage. However damage beyond normal wear and tear you will be charged 80%. If a garment is not returned to us for any reason you will be charged 150% of the retail price.

Can I take any rental garments on holiday?

Within New Zealand only! as long as you send it back on the following working to avoid late fees. At this stage you cannot take any of our garments overseas.

What if my order doesn’t fit me?

Sorry no refunds. We offer a try on service so you can make sure the dress is the right fit ahead of time.

If I rent something and love it, can I buy it?

At the moment we only have one of each piece so unfortunately you cannot buy these. We will be introducing a variety of brands and a "Buy" section later this year, including clothes, accessories, swimwear and lingerie. We will let you know as soon as this is live!

Do you have multiple sizes of each garment?

At this stage we only have one of each garment so only one size will be available per style. Some of our garments can be adjusted and worn by multiple sizes. We will be adding more stock as we go so multiple sizes will be available shortly, we aim to be size and shape inclusive.


How is renting sustainable?

“By doubling the average number of times a garment is worn, we can almost halve the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions”

- Make Fashion Circular

Check out our 'Why Renting' page for more details and benefits of renting.

How do you choose the right brands to stock?

We are against fast fashion and will only support brands that prioritise the planet and people as well as profit. We are partnering with some amazing designers and we can't wait to introduce you to them later this year!

What does 'Circular Economy' and 'Closed Loop' mean?

Unlike the traditional linear economic model based on a 'take-make-consume-throw away' pattern, a circular economy is based on sharing, leasing, reuse, repair, refurbishment and recycling, in an (almost) closed loop, where products and the materials they contain are highly valued. Our goal is to be fully circular.

What happens with the garments when they are no longer fit for renting?

When our garments are no longer fit for renting, these will be assessed and either mended for a second life or redesigned into a new garment or product. We are constantly exploring better options for textile recycling and will keep you updated on our journey.  

What is the Redesigned collection all about?

Redesigned, Up-cycled and modernised. This collection is 100% recycled and created using old but great quality garments.

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