Our Values

Our values are the seeds that sprouted our journey to revolutionise the fashion industry. They're at the forefront of each action we take and every decision we make.


Our people are our priority, no one should gain success and money from another humans unhappiness and struggle. We make sure all of our designers share this same view, we support fair trade as all workers deserve a safe working environment and common empathy. We believe in quality garments and quality of life for the people who make them.




The Fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries, close behind oil. This needs to change! Our designers strive to use organic and natural fabrics and reduce the use of chemicals in all dyeing and printing processes. We aim to recycle and use environmentally friendly cleaning products as much as possible whilst striving towards a completely closed loop cycle.




Empowerment is important to us! We are women helping women in many different ways, we support artisans and the beauty of hand made craft whilst celebrating their cultural traditions. We encourage diversity and inclusiveness, always pushing for gender equality. Upskilling and growth is something we wish to support and facilitate with every person involved in our collective. We also believe having the freedom to experiment with your style and express your true personality is extremely empowering, rental provides is a risk free way to do this with out the guilt of buying new.



Low waste

Renting allows the maximum use of a garment before it is discarded. When our garments are no longer fit for renting, these will be assessed and either mended for a second life or redesigned into a new garment or product. We are constantly exploring better options for textile recycling and will keep you updated on our journey. Our goal is to make fashion circular and change the way we produce, consume and discard clothes. Some of our brands use dead stock fabrics and off cuts as the base of their collections and others implement zero waste pattern making techniques.


This is not just another rental company, we are a community of game changers working together towards the revolution of our industry. We connect passionate designers with aligned values and encourage collaboration for a bigger impact, whilst making ethical fashion more accessible to a wider audience. Aside from highlighting beautiful sustainable brands, our aim is to assist and guide new designers down the ethical path, encourage innovative design and textile recycling. We will be transparent and inclusive throughout all processes and wish to involve our customers in the journey and development of Toniq Collective. We exist to support others and give back to our local communities as well as struggling communities around the world.


Animal welfare

We want happy healthy animals! Some of our brands are entirely vegan! However we make sure the others that do use animal fibres such as wool, have humane treatment and cruelty free processes! And of course our office is dog friendly, everyone needs a bit of puppy love on those tough days.